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Steelcase Office Furniture originally began as the Metal Office Furniture Company back in 1912.  Over time, ninety-three years, Steelcase has mastered the art of  manufacturing high quality office furniture that can withstand the test of time.  It is that high degree of quality that permits Steelcase office furniture to be recycled and reused time and time again.

At Conklin Office Furniture we have been recycling office furniture for 24 years.  "Steelcase has always been a popular brand among used office furniture enthusiasts because of the durability of their product," stated Conklin owner Franco Arnold.  That durable, long lasting construction enables us to feel confident that by purchasing used Steelcase product, reconditioning or refurbishing it, we will be able to offer our clients used office furniture of the highest quality that will act and look like new office furniture at a fraction of the cost of new.

Steelcase offers a complete selection of workstations, filing cabinets, office seating, private office furniture, desks, reception furniture, conference tables, as well as other incidentals.  Some of the most common lines of workstations that we recycle are Steelcase 9000, Steelcase Avenir, Steelcase Montage, and Steelcase Elective Elements.  The Steelcase filing lines include the 800 and 900 series lateral files, as well as other types of files. We also offer office seating lines such as Steelcase Criterions, Steelcase Leap chairs, Steelcase Sensors, Steelcase Snodgrass, Steelcase Protege, Steelcase Rallies, and the Steelcase Player Stack chairs.  When the office furniture is available, we are able to offer all of these lines and others as either used office furniture or refurbished office furniture depending on the condition of the product.  Give us a call at 1(800) 817-1187 to discuss our current inventory offerings or click on the inventory links on the top of this page.




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