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C3682 — Haworth Improv Chairs

These Haworth Improv chairs are model #M211-1142, they have a patterned fabric seat with a graphite frame.  These chairs have pneumatic height adjustment.

Manufacturer: Haworth
Type: Conference Chair
Model: Improv
Material: Fabric
Color: Patterned
Quantity Available: 34

Haworth Seating
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C3998L — Haworth Very Task Chairs

These Haworth Very chairs have a Grey mesh back, Grey frame and a Red fabric seat.  Features include pneumatic height adjustment, tilt/lock, adjustable arms and lumbar support.

Manufacturer: Haworth
Type: Desk Chair
Model: Very
Material: Mesh
Color: Other
Quantity Available: 33

Steelcase Player Chairs

C3995C — Steelcase Player Chairs

These Steelcase Player chairs have a Grotto frame, Steelcase finish code 4718.  The fabric is Steelcase finish code B359, Hampstead Blue Blue Green Value 5.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Side Chair
Model: Player
Material: Fabric
Quantity Available: 33

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W3930A — Knoll Workstations

These Knoll workstations have Morrison panels and Reff worksurfaces and pedestals.  The panels are 56" tall and the workstation measures 7' x 7'.  The panels are powered on the spline.  Each cubicle consists of:

  • 42" x 30" corner worksurface
  • (2) 42" x 30'' wing worksurfaces
  • non-locking B/B/F pedestal
  • non-locking F/F pedestal

The paint is light metallic grey, the laminate is light grey and the fabric is W808-4 Litchfield, Ice.

Manufacturer: Knoll/Reff
Size: 7x7
Quantity Available: 33

Steelcase Side chairs
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C3031 — Steelcase Side Chairs

These Steelcase side chairs have a black metal frame and a patterned fabric seat and back.  A close up of the fabric is shown in the second photograph.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Side Chair
Material: Fabric
Color: Patterned
Quantity Available: 33

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C2920 — Kimball Side Seating

These Kimball triumph side chairs have a cherry wood frame and blue fabric.

Manufacturer: Kimball
Type: Side Chair
Model: Triumph
Material: Fabric
Color: Blue
Quantity Available: 33

F2873 — Knoll Two Drawer Lateral Files

These Knoll Reff two drawer lateral files measure 36" wide.  They have a Maple finish.

Manufacturer: Knoll
Type: Lateral
Drawer Count: 2 Drawer
Width: 36"
Color: Wood
Quantity Available: 33

5 Drawer Filing Cabinets

F1897 — 5 Drawer Filing Cabinets

These five drawer filing cabinets measure 36" wide  with cherry drawer pulls Color code is custom 4PH3-9201 which looks like warm white.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Lateral
Drawer Count: 5 Drawer
Width: 36"
Color: White
Quantity Available: 33

Knoll Workstations
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W3976 — Knoll Morrison Workstations

These Knoll Morrison used cubes measure 8' x 6', the panels are 42" tall and have a 16" stacker.  These workstations can be purchased with or without the stacker so they could be 42" tall, wing down from 58" to 42" or you could purchase stackers for the entire cube.  The panels are powered on the spline.  Each workstations consists of:

  • 48" x 72" extended corner worksurface
  • 24" x 48" return worksurface
  • 30" x 48" return worksurface
  • two drawer lateral file
  • B/B/F pedestal

The top caps and worksurfaces are Cherry Veneer.  The fabric code is Knoll W2801.

Manufacturer: Knoll
Series: Morrison
Size: 8x6
Quantity Available: 32



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