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Novalink Trading Desks
Additional photos available

td2472 — Novalink Trading Desks

These Novalink trading desks measure 30" x 72", the trough is 5".  The end panels are black and measure 34".  Each desk includes a monitor arm.

Manufacturer: Novalink
Quantity Available: 40

Steelcase files

F3979 — Steelcase 5 Drawer Files with Overfiles

These Steelcase 5 drawer lateral files measure 36" and have overfiles.  They are painted Steelcase finish code 4790, Sodium.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Lateral
Drawer Count: File With Overfile
Width: 36"
Color: White
Quantity Available: 39

Additional photos available

C2942 — Protege Side Chairs

These Steelcase Protege side chairs have a sled base with blue and green patterned fabric. 

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Side Chair
Model: Protege
Material: Fabric
Color: Patterned
Quantity Available: 39

C3088 — Vitra Stack Chairs

These Vitra stack chairs have a chrome sled base and black plastic back.  The seat cushion is a textured black and tan fabric, very versatile.

Manufacturer: Vitra
Type: Stack Chair
Material: Fabric
Color: Patterned
Quantity Available: 38

Additional photos available

td3926 — Trading Desks

These traders desks have mahogany end panels with a grey speckle laminate and a black bullnose edge.  The worksurface measures 34" x 60" and each workspace comes with a B/B/F pedestal.  Please note that the monitor arms shown are not included with the desks but can be purchased seperately.  These cubicles were originally configured in a pod of 12, 14, and 17.  Also note that the small wooden divider between the workspaces are not included.

Quantity Available: 37

F2873 — Knoll Two Drawer Lateral Files

These Knoll Reff two drawer lateral files measure 36" wide.  They have a Maple finish.

Manufacturer: Knoll
Type: Lateral
Drawer Count: 2 Drawer
Width: 36"
Color: Wood
Quantity Available: 37

Additional photos available

C3682 — Haworth Improv Chairs

These Haworth Improv chairs are model #M211-1142, they have a patterned fabric seat with a graphite frame.  These chairs have pneumatic height adjustment.

Manufacturer: Haworth
Type: Conference Chair
Model: Improv
Material: Fabric
Color: Patterned
Quantity Available: 34

Additional photos available

W3930A — Knoll Workstations

These Knoll workstations have Morrison panels and Reff worksurfaces and pedestals.  The panels are 56" tall and the workstation measures 7' x 7'.  The panels are powered on the spline.  Each cubicle consists of:

  • 42" x 30" corner worksurface
  • (2) 42" x 30'' wing worksurfaces
  • non-locking B/B/F pedestal
  • non-locking F/F pedestal

The paint is light metallic grey, the laminate is light grey and the fabric is W808-4 Litchfield, Ice.

Manufacturer: Knoll/Reff
Size: 7x7
Quantity Available: 33

Steelcase Leap Chair
Additional photos available

C3761A — Steelcase Leap Chairs

These Steelcase Leap chairs are in excellent condition, they were originally purchased in April of 2011.  They are model #46216189.  The fabric on the seat is a grey textured fabric, Steelcase 5B64, Jacks Pewter.  The back of the seat is a red textured fabric and the frame is black.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Desk Chair / Conference Chair
Model: Leap
Material: Fabric
Color: Other
Quantity Available: 33



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