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Steelcase Chair
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C3967A — Steelcase Criterions

These Steelcase Criterion desk chairs are fully loaded, they are model #4535330DP.  Features include sliding seat pan, adjustable back, pneumatic height adjustment, adjustable arms horizontally, vertically and pivoting.  The frame is Steelcase finish code 6205, Black.  The fabric is Steelcase finish code 5A27, Black Link.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Desk Chair
Model: Criterions
Material: Fabric
Quantity Available: 52

C3071 — Steelcase Seating

These Steelcase Drive chairs have a blue fabric seat and a black frame.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Desk Chair
Model: Drive
Material: Fabric
Color: Blue
Quantity Available: 52

Steelcase Protege Chairs
Additional photos available

C3962L — Steelcase Protege Chairs

These Steelcase Protege chairs have a black frame and a brown/olive tweed fabric.  A close up of the fabric is shown in the third photograph.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Desk Chair / Conference Chair
Model: Protege
Material: Fabric
Color: Brown
Quantity Available: 50

Steelcase Sensor Chairs
Additional photos available

C2041 — Steelcase Sensor Chairs

These Steelcase sensor chairs are model #4581436W,  options include adjustable back, adjustable arms and arm caps, back tilt lock, and pneumatic height adjustment.  The frame is Steelcase finish code 6256, graphite.  The fabric is Steelcase finish code 5510, blue blue violet value 5 medium intensity. 

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Model: Sensor
Quantity Available: 50

Steelcase Criterion Desk Chairs
Additional photos available

C1910 — Steelcase Criterion Desk Chairs

These Steelcase Criterion desk chairs are model #453331BH 6256 B351.  They have green fabric and a grey frame. Please note that the arm caps shown are not available only full size arm caps come with these chairs.

Color: Green
Quantity Available: 50

Additional photos available

C3389 — Herman Miller Ambi Chairs

There Herman Miller Ambi chairs have a burgundy fabric, finish code 9210 Claret.  The frame is Black Umber.  Features include pneumatic height adjustment and seat tilt.  Please note the chairs have fixed arms.

Manufacturer: Herman Miller
Type: Desk Chair / Conference Chair
Model: Ambi
Material: Fabric
Color: Other
Quantity Available: 46

Humanscale Chairs
Additional photos available

C3827 — Leather Humanscale Chairs

These Humanscale Freedom chairs are in great condition with a black frame and grey leather seat.  Features include sliding seat pan, pneumatic height adjustment, adjustable arms, and a tilt/lock.

Manufacturer: Humanscale
Type: Desk Chair
Model: Freedom
Material: Leather
Color: Grey
Quantity Available: 45

Additional photos available

C2927 — Steelcase Turnstone Seating

These Steelcase Turnstone chairs have blue fabric with a black frame.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Desk Chair
Model: Turnstone
Material: Fabric
Color: Blue
Quantity Available: 40

Additional photos available

C3682 — Haworth Improv Chairs

These Haworth Improv chairs are model #M211-1142, they have a patterned fabric seat with a graphite frame.  These chairs have pneumatic height adjustment.

Manufacturer: Haworth
Type: Conference Chair
Model: Improv
Material: Fabric
Color: Patterned
Quantity Available: 34



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