Used Office Furniture Tip Sheet-Used Cubicles

Are you looking to lay out workstations and not sure where to begin?  At Conklin Office Furniture, we will work with you to select used cubicles that look professional and are functional for your space, helping you factor in all relevant considerations.  When planning office layouts and shopping for used cubes, keep in mind that there are several different configurations for workstations that can be optimized to work with your interior design factors.  If you have a large area with a lot of open space, grouping the cubicles in pods allows for the most economical use of the shared panels, keeping office infrastructure costs low. If you have an area along a wall or a narrow space, the best configuration would be a run of used cubes with a common hallway for foot traffic.  You can also install a single free-standing cubicle to stand alone, which is great for a manager's workstation, as it allows for increased privacy.

Conklin Office Furniture carries in-stock only the best names and styles of used cubicles and workstations available, like Knoll Morrison workstations and Steelcase Avenir cubicles, Context workstations, and Steelcase 9000 Workstations.  We are always happy to discuss the options available to customers and help them develop the most attractive, functional, and cost-effective cubicle and workstation configurations possible.  Please call our offices and talk to our experienced interior design and office furniture planning consultants and see what we can do for your office layout plans.

As you begin to look at different cubicle sizes and heights it is important to take time to review exactly what you expect to accomplish within the space and how much storage room you will need.  Cubicles range in height from 42" tall to anywhere between 75" and 80" tall.  The most popular panel heights are those that range from 48" to 68" tall, especially 50", 53", and 65" cubicle walls.  These panels offer privacy while you are seated at your desk while still allowing for face-to-face inter-office communication over the walls.  The tallest of the panel heights are most commonly used to build out private offices within a cubicle system, and those heights range from 75" to 80".  There are also blended options available that would have tall panels along the spline, allowing for overhead storage, and then the panels would wing down to about 53" tall along the aisle, still allowing for communication between workstations.  Exact panel height is dependent on the workstation manufacturer.  Below is an explanation of the "typical" used cubicle sizes:

  • 2' x 4' Workstation-These workstations are best suited for telemarketing or utilized as a customer service area.  There is a small worksurface with enough space for a computer and phone.  Storage space within this cube is minimal.  If you choose to include a pedestal that will allow for a small amount of storage area. 
  • 6' x 6' Workstation-This size workstation is a very popular size, it allows for ample storage and workspace for most administrative, accounting, and reception workspaces.  Available storage space can be personalized by you; however, most include at least (1) file/file pedestal, (1) box/box/file pedestal, and sometype of overhead storage either an overhead bin or open shelf. 
  • 6' x 8' Workstation-This size workstation is great for someone who needs a slightly larger work area with extra storage space. Another option for a cubicle of this size would be to have smaller worksurfaces and allow room for a guest chair within the cubicle.
  • 8' x 8' Workstation-This cubicle size is most commonly used as a managers station.  With lots of storage space available you are able to personalize the space.  As with the 6'x 8' station you can also make room for guest seating which is great for managers needing to meet with other employees.

All larger used cubicles sizes would function as an executive office allowing plenty of space for a personal work area as well as meeting room.  We would recommend this for an employee that needs space to meet with several people in their space at one time.  The larger cubicle sizes function as a personal office space.

At Conklin our specialty is used cubicles.  By purchasing a used product from us you are helping to minimize the amount of used office furniture being sent to the landfill.  We purchase used cubicles from companies who are downsizing, renovating, etc. and resell that product.  You do have options with used!  At Conklin, we have a full furniture refurbishing department which allows you to pick new paint, laminate, and fabric for the workstations.  If you are looking to maximize your savings we also offer "as-is" inventories. 



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